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  • Cindi H. Testimonial

    The staff is very friendly and professional. My experience thus far at The Right Spine  has been excellent. I look forward to working with them all.

    -Cindi H.
  • Ammelie G.  Testimonial

    Thanks for such caring and conscientious attention and help.

    -Ammelie G.
  • Tracy C. Testimonial

    Great environment, very professional, but relaxed.

    -Tracy C.
  • Brett L. Testimonial

    Very professional, listens to the patient and explains everything before during and after.

    -Brett L.
  • Suzanne G. Testimonial

    I have already recommended Dr. Friedman and RightSPINE to friends and family. The experience with him and his staff were exemplary from the first phone call.

    -Suzanne G.
  • Allesha T. Testimonial

    Everyone in the office is absolutely wonderful I have to say! 

    -Allesha T.
  • Richard F. Testimonial

    Really appreciate the Doctors thorough exam and explainations

    -Richard F.
  • Nanci P. Testimonial

    Very friendly practice.

    -Nanci P.
  • Scott B. Testimonial

    Dr. Freidman was very friendly, explained everything very clearly and found an issue I never knew I had. I’m very happy with my visit and plan to return for further treatment. Also, Danielle was very helpful with scheduling my appointment and is a sincere pleasure to speak with. 

    -Scott B.
  • Martine P. Testimonial

    Highly recommend Dr Mark. Impeccable manners and, great skills!

    -Martine P.
  • Roxana A. Testimonial

    It was a great experience. I’ll definitely let my friends know about this place

    -Roxana A.
  • Paul L. Testimonial

    I knew Kris Lohan from a previous rehab situation and I know that she is simply very good.

    -Paul L.
  • Christine L. Testimonial

    Kris is fantastic!

    -Christine L.
  • Keith S.  Testimonial

    The doctor was more informative than all of the other doctors I have seen about this back problem. Thank you.

    -Keith S.
  • Linda S. Testimonial

    Very professional, thorough and caring.

    -Linda S.
  • David T. Testimonial

    Very friendly and clear explanation on the care I will receive. Dr. Friedman took the time to listen to all my concerns and made sure I was comfortable with all aspects of my treatment.

    -David T.
  • Derek C. Testimonial

    Resolved painful back problem.

    -Derek C.
  • Gaylene S. Testimonial

    Dr. Friedman was extremely knowledgeable.

    -Gaylene S.
  • Michael T. Testimonial

    Thanks for the great work! I am looking forward for the second office visit. 

    -Michael T.
  • James B. Testimonial

    Just got back from my first appointment and my pain has subsided. I was treated well and scheduled two follow up appppintments. So far so good!

    -James B.
  • Dmitriy V. Testimonial

    If you need a real help and you want it fast , you have to see Dr Friedman!

    -Dmitriy V.
  • Kimberly J. Testimonial

    I find I have absolute confidence in Dr. Friedman ability to make me as well as I can be given my situation. I trust his judgement and take his suggestions wholeheartedly. I believe he is 100% invested in my recovery.

    -Kimberly J.
  • Phyllis D. Testimonial

    I am hopeful that my pain will lessen.  Wonderful staff. 

    -Phyllis D.
  • Javier J. Testimonial

    I appreciate everything you did for me.

    -Javier J.
  • Nancy W. Testimonial

    I’ve been a patient of Dr. Friedman’s for many years. When I first went to see him I couldn’t even walk without falling down. I was in bad shape. He has helped me tremendously and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to work on me. He is the best!

    -Nancy W.
  • Natalie M. Testimonial

    Very pleasant office. Happy to be receiving such good care.

    -Natalie M.
  • Sandra W. Testimonial

    2 weeks of pain and 2 visits and I’m in the pink , or is it violet or green? I could go on but I think you get the point. thanks oodles and oodles

    -Sandra W.
  • Rachel R. Testimonial

    Very impressed with the doctor and his staff!

    -Rachel R.
  • Kathleen H. Testimonial

     So, helpful! I am delighted to be able to get about and moving with greater ease and less pain.

    -Kathleen H.
  • Carla B. Testimonial

    Very nice group of people. Thank you for taking me at a short notice.

    -Carla B.
  • Alexandra F. Testimonial

    The first visit was beneficial

    -Alexandra F.
  • Bruce M. Testimonial

    This first visit was the “perfect” experience. I look forward to following my treatment plan with this team of superior healthcare professionals.

    -Bruce M.
  • Leonard P. Testimonial

    Great team. Dr. Friedman is the best. Front desk very professional.

    -Leonard P.
  • Marie A. Testimonial

    Very happy with my office visit.

    -Marie A.
  • Richard E. Testimonial

    I had heard very good things about this practice…..and my first experience lived up to the hype….

    -Richard E.

Welcome to Swampscott Chiropractor : Dr. Mark Friedman

Welcome to RightSPINE Chiropractic Neurology!

Our goal is to get the best results possible by taking a unique approach in the Swampscott area to treating the whole person. We blend functional medicine and functional neurology.

We evaluate our patients in several different categories that include:

  • Structural and neurophysiological imbalance
  • Environmental inputs
  • Inflammatory & immune imbalances
  • Energy production
  • G.I. imbalance
  • Biotransformation/ detoxification
  • Neuroendocrine function

We use this unique holistic approach to evaluate every patient to determine where your particular problems lie so that we can address those areas first and get the best results possible.

Our Integrated Treatment Approach

Here at RightSPINE Chiropractic Neurology, we pride ourselves on being one of the few places on the North Shore to offer several treatment modalities all in one multi-specialty facility. We offer excellent Chiropractic and Medical Services all in the same place. This not only provides our patients with convenience, but also allows for our caring doctors, specialists, and staff to work in conjunction with one another in order to provide the most complete care possible.

RightSPINE Chiropractic Neurology is Committed to Excellence

At RightSPINE Chiropractic Neurology, we are committed to excellence and giving you answers to your health struggles. We spend the time with you and get to know you as an individual, not just a number. By doing all of the above we are able to get results quickly that will usually exceed your expectations. We get the best results because we are looking for exactly what is wrong with you. We are not concerned with your previous diagnosis or lack of one. We are not going to just focus on your symptoms, although they will be addressed.

No other doctor that you have seen is going to do what we are able to do for you. We change
peoples lives here everyday and now is time to let us change yours. We look forward to
working with you to optimize your health and provide you with the tools
you need to reach all of your health care goals.

Mark Friedman DC, DACNB
Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist

Can our unique approach to chiropractic help you? We’ve
helped many Swampscott-North Shore residents who went from
chiropractor to chiropractor and finally found results in our office.
Call today!

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