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BTracks Balance Assessment

Man on BTracks Device

Objective Balance Assessment and Training

The Balance Tracking System (BTrackS™) utilizes “Gold Standard” force plate technology to provide an accurate and reliable balance testing and training solution for medical and healthcare professionals.

Balance testing is an important part of our assessments.  Subtle balance problems can be detected that may be producing pain or recurrent injury without a patient being aware of the involvement of balance.  Also, in concussion, balance is often affected and we can measure improvements in balance post concussion with balance training.  More importantly if we have a baseline pre-concussion, we can know exactly when a patient has returned to a pre-injury/pre-concussion condition.  This allows us to be very particular about when we allow an injured athlete to return to play.

Balance testing can be done in less than 10 minutes and balance training sessions can be done in about the same time.

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