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RightSPINE Chiropractic Neurology Team

A Great Staff

Amanda, Ashley, Chantelle and Danielle are here to answer your questions, field your phone calls or help you with billing issues.

Office Management and Billing

The office staff is able to answer all of your questions about services that we provide and how to schedule your appointments.  Our 3rd party medical billing is handled by an outside medical billing company, MidCoast Billing Solutions, LLC.  We can put you in touch with our certified medical billers if you have any questions regarding your particular insurance coverage.


Amanda, and Ashley handle the front desk and as such they control our schedule and they make sure that you have adequate time for your particular needs. Unlike many other offices, RightSPINE Chiropractic Neurology takes our time with you.  Visits can range from 15 minutes to an hour or even two depending on what procedure/evaluation is being performed.

RightSPINE Chiropractic Neurology Team | (781) 581-7300