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What Our Patients Say

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Yours in Health

  • Great team. Dr. Friedman is the best. Front desk very professional.

    -Leonard P.
  • Dr.Friedman fixed my back in the past. He is the best in our area.

    -Alexander K.
  • I had heard very good things about this practice…..and my first experience lived up to the hype….

    -Richard E.
  • This first visit was the “perfect” experience. I look forward to following my treatment plan with this team of superior healthcare professionals.

    -Bruce M.
  • Really appreciate the Doctors thorough exam and explainations

    -Richard F.
  • Highly recommend Dr Mark. Impeccable manners and, great skills!

    -Martine P.
  • Thanks for the great work! I am looking forward for the second office visit. 

    -Michael T.
  • Thanks for such caring and conscientious attention and help.

    -Ammelie G.
  • Very friendly practice.

    -Nanci P.
  • The first visit was beneficial

    -Alexandra F.
  • Very nice group of people. Thank you for taking me at a short notice.

    -Carla B.
  •  So, helpful! I am delighted to be able to get about and moving with greater ease and less pain.

    -Kathleen H.
  • I find I have absolute confidence in Dr. Friedman ability to make me as well as I can be given my situation. I trust his judgement and take his suggestions wholeheartedly. I believe he is 100% invested in my recovery.

    -Kimberly J.
  • 2 weeks of pain and 2 visits and I’m in the pink , or is it violet or green? I could go on but I think you get the point. thanks oodles and oodles

    -Sandra W.
  • Great environment, very professional, but relaxed.

    -Tracy C.

Very Impressed

I’m impressed with the practice so far ( 1 visit ). Doctor Friedman is professional, knowledgeable, really listened to me and explained everything. He’s confident, but not arrogant, and realistic about my condition and how he can help . He ordered x-rays to make sure that he can see exactly what’s going on internally before he treats me, First visit was hopeful. I’m looking forward to working with him.
Wanda R.

Reassuring and Professional

I was impressed by Dr. Friedman’s professional approach. It exudes and encourages cooperation, communication, and respect. This being my initial visit, after seeing many chiropractors over many years of injuries, I was expecting the typical experience. But I was encouraged to receive an above average intake evaluation. He provided information on the specifics of Medicare coverage that no previous chiropractor had voiced. His certification allowed for a much needed component, the neurological exam. The muscle testing by machine in our next visit will provide extremely accurate information for measuring increments of progress. It will be reassuring to really know precisely what’s going on.
Linda B.

Gave Me Hope

Of the many Doctors that I have seen over the past 8 years, only a few, the functional medicine doctor and Dr. Friedman, have said they can help me and have given me hope (also Dr. David Marini).
Neil T.

Took the Time

Dr. Friedman really took the time to ask all the necessary questions to fully understand my injury and he was genuinely listening to everything I said. I never felt rushed or intimidated like I normally feel with most doctors. The rest of the staff was so friendly and attentive, and I felt so comfortable in the office.
Caroline C.

Truly Exceptional

I find in a lot of practices customer service ends with the doctor… the front desk staff, MA’s, etc are all lovely and then you meet the doctor and bam! Good experience ends- They are rushed, uninterested, and pushy. Not the case here. The office staff is amazing! Truly exceptional and that experience continues when Dr. Friedman takes over- professional, engaging, and helpful!
Sara S.

Fitting Me In On Short Notice

Thank you again for fitting me in on such short notice!! I can’t believe how much relief I feel compared to me walking in. I’m truly grateful! I’m looking forward to working with you.
Jordan J.

I Had Hope

I can honestly say that after my first visit and initial assessment, I had hope. Years of issues seemed to come full circle and make sense. Mark’s plan of attack made sense, and his attitude showed his partnership in this recovery and move forward process. The health care industry only offered me despair.
William H.

Truely Impressed

I was truly impressed with Dr. Friedman and his skills. Even as a new patient, I was seen the day I called for help, the treatment started working almost immediately. Everybody in the office is great, very kind, helpful and professional. Thank you!
Eleonora K.

Wonderful Overall Experience

Very understanding about the discomfort that I was experiencing. Fit me in, sacrificing their lunch break. Outstanding customer service and a wonderful overall experience.
Steven J.

Feel such relief

So pleased after my first visit. I got a thorough explanation and an idea of the direction my treatment will take. Plus, my first adjustment relieved so much of the pressure on my lower/mid back. It was a bit sore after but entirely worth it to feel such relief.
Rachael C.

Highly recommend

The level of care, knowledge, and expertise is 2nd to none. I would highly recommend their practice to anyone in need of care.
Gregory M.

Doctor Mark is exceptional

Having personally experienced his expertise. My daughter Alex 14 has experienced migraine continually since January 6 2016 we have tried numerous fixes – Botox, 18 medications, massage therapy the list goes on – nothing worked. Alex has had 2 visits and has had some relief . Boy as a mother I wish I took her to Mark first. Blessed we have you now Doctor Mark.

Alexandria L.

Friendly Staff

I’m so happy with the therapy I am receiving at RightSpine. The doctor is very knowledgeable and always listen to all my concerns. Everyone from the techs to the front office staff always makes you feel at ease and welcomed. Lauretta is very friendly and always smiling makes you feel comfortable!

Raquel R.

Very Helpful!

Very professional and helpful. Office staff friendly and informative.

Tracey C.

Friendly And Helpful!

The office staff was friendly and helpful!

Brenna H.

Feel Happy

I loved the way they treated me, the doctor and all the staff. Confident in the way the doctor explained my treatment. Feel happy, A plus. Thank God I found this place.

Colon-Mercado M.

Caring Staff

Dr. Friedman and his staff are very helpful, caring and friendly. I look forward to all my visits.

Melanie M.

Very Professional

Everyone is warm, friendly and very professional.

Domniki M.

Phenomenal Team!

The entire RightSPINE team is phenomenal! Very welcoming, dedicated, friendly and professional!

Wanntha S.

Super Friendly And Welcoming

I found Right Spine by Google-ing chiropractors around the Swampscott area, and I’m glad that I found Right Spine. I called numerous places on a Friday afternoon and they were either closed, didn’t accept certain insurances or you had to wait a couple of weeks before getting a consultation to start treatment, but with Right Spine, I called them, the woman on the phone was very informative, knew what she was talking about and was even seen that day for a consultation. When I met everyone at the office, they were super friendly and welcoming. Dr. Friedman was also amazing! He knows what to do and he’ll explain it right down to the science. He knows that your time is valuable so he gets you in and out so you can be on your way to another appointment or in my case school. I love this place!

Lily D.

So Lucky I Found This Place

I came to Dr. Friedman’s practice in a lot of pain, and I was treated quickly, compassionately and thoroughly. In fact, I was given two appointments the day I called, because Dr. Friedman really is that dedicated to his patients.

While lessening the acute pain I was feeling was important, Dr. Friedman was also concerned with preventing this kind of crisis from happening again. Immediately he made a plan for both relieving my acute symptoms, but also for preventing a future strain. He is a great educator, and communicator. He’s thorough, experienced, and smart.

His office is comfortable and clean. The staff that works there are all dedicated to the patient experience, they really roll out the red carpet for their patients, and their sincerity is palpable. I feel so lucky that I found this place, it has gotten me back to work and back to the activities that I love, and I feel confident that this is the missing piece of taking care of my overall health.

Leanne W.


They really made me feel like they care about me, and I appreciate it so much. I would recommend if you need a chiropractor come here they make you feel like family.

Adam L.

Can’t Say Enough Wonderful Things

My husband has been seeing Dr. Friedman for the past three years. I am a new patient. We can not say enough wonderful things about Dr. Friedman and the care that we receive. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing chiropractic care.

Lisa D.

Thorough And Professional

Very thorough and professional at all times. Extremely helpful in explaining my problem in terms I could understand.

Mark G.


I am really encouraged by the commitment of the staff at Rightspine in helping me to regain my mobility, after a couple of weeks I am beginning to see improvement in my gait.

Doreen L.

Thank You

Thank you for evaluating and treating my son so quickly. We were very relieved that he could be treated, and feel better so fast.

Rocket P.

Helpful Friendly Professional

The staff was excellent very helpful and made me feel very comfortable, especially Janice very friendly and professional!

Mabel H.


Dr. Friedman is a pleasure to work with. After only a few minutes, I feel a considerable improvement in my back.

Lisa G.

Excellent Experience

This has been an excellent experience. Things were explained to me in great detail and I am optimistic that I will show improvement.

Stephen M.

Above And Beyond

Dr. Friedman is highly trained and educated in his field. I have never been disappointed in my results from his care. He consistently goes above and beyond to ensure his patients pain and overall wellness is managed and improved and I will continue to recommended his practice!

Joanna N.

Great Experience

Great experience and I healed very quickly. Very accommodating practice. Will definitely refer others.

Rose E.

Very Professional

Very professional operation. Exudes confidence. Dr. Mark explains issues well, easy to follow and understand. His treatments have been appreciated and have helped my “beat-up” body on a course of recovery.

Thomas A.

Utmost Confidence

Dr. Friedman and the entire crew are awesome. Based on a previous experience with them, I have the utmost confidence in their ability to provide excellent treatment and the tools to develop and strengthen my area of concern so that I may continue an active lifestyle which involves year round triathlon and marathon training.

Michael M.


Thanks to Dr. Friedman I can now hold conversations with ease and write as I used to. I am thrilled to once again crochet and knit with pleasure and ease. I have been nearly migraine free for months. I feel as though I’m getting my life back.


Excellent Practice

Excellent practice, very respectful of patients time, clear directions, friendly staff. Dr. Friedman knows his craft and this has been the only thing that has helped my issues.

Helene F.

Highly Recommend

I highly recommend Right Spine to everyone.

Tom L.

Goes Above And Beyond

I was a patient of Dr. Friedman’s for many years prior and when I had my car accident, I didn’t even consider going anywhere else. His staff is excellent, and Dr. Friedman always goes above and beyond for his patients. Their health and well-being is always his utmost concern. I have recommended him to many people and will continue to do so.

Deborah H.

Excellent Experience

The overall experience was excellent! It is refreshing to find an outstanding doctor that is not only the most knowledgeable in the area but is humble enough to value his patients and aims at providing high quality customer service. I felt welcome and particularly appreciate that the service is not only great but consistent and comprehensive, not a few isolated pleasant events. First, the receptionist welcomes you with a smile, and invites you to a bottle of Poland Spring. There are Ipads (yes!,tablet computers) available for the patients to surf the web as they wait. The doctor is extremely pleasant and uses the latest technology and to finalize, I was given a beautiful goody bad with awesome gifts as a thank you for choosing them. This was by far one of the most amazing experiences in any doctor office I ever had. I will most definitely refer them.

Digma S.

Macayla’s Healing Journey

My 13 year old daughter, Macayla sustained a concussion which impacted her life in an unexpected way. We mostly hear about sports related concussions; however Macayla’s sustained a concussion after fainting and hitting her head against the tub and the wall.

It was like having a baby all over again. I bathed and washed her hair, dressed her and assisted her when she walked. She slept and slept. After about a month Macayla was able to start physical and vestibular therapy. Over the next couple of months, Macayla progressed approximately 5-8% based on the concussion scale her primary used at every visit. But she was not progressing in the manner that I thought she would, considering her MRI and CT scans were clear. She was doing everything the PT and Primary physician suggested as well as the supplements and foods I thought would be helpful. But still Macayla was not regaining her balance, focus or independence.
…read more »

After speaking with another mother whose daughter also sustained a severe concussion, she highly recommended Dr. Mark Friedman.

During Macayla’s initial appointment, Dr. Friedman’s thoroughness with her history and physical examination exceed previous examinations by her primary and a neurologist. Macayla felt an immediate sense of ease. At this point in her recovery, Macayla had been out of school for 3 months and had just started home tutoring for one hour per day. By the end of first week of treatment with Dr. Friedman, Macayla felt better. The tutor also saw an immediate improvement in Macayla’s ability to stay on task with school work and the need for fewer breaks.
Within the first 3.5 weeks of working with Dr. Friedman, Macayla was able to attend one class a day then followed by tutoring (Up to this point I did not see Macayla returning to school until the following fall). Macayla loves mental challenges and stimulus. Macayla loves to read, and at three months post-concussion she could tolerate 5-10 minutes of reading and was slowly remembering math facts (initially she was counting on her fingers and could not retain information).

Macayla was invested in her recovery, and looked forward to every visit with Dr. Friedman. Every visit with the doctor, the treatment was different. He checked her stability and symptoms prior to every treatment as well as at the end. Dr. Friedman engaged all the senses, and adjusted her based on his findings that were unique to her in that moment. He created an environment that was safe, which encouraged and inspired Macayla. Macayla also practiced everything he recommended: from daily exercises, color & light therapy to food and supplements. We were learning a lot and excited to try anything!

Within the first 4 weeks of care, Macayla improved 30% (according to the concussion scale used at the pediatrician’s)! Reading improved to 20-30 minutes and she was able to resume complex math problems. Macayla was independent in her self care and was regaining energy and focus.

Dr. Friedman’s care, knowledge, attentiveness, and thoroughness regarding my daughter and her wellness were like a life preserver at a crucial time during my daughter’s recovery. I believe the consistency of care, and Dr. Friedman’s multi-sensory approach expedited Macayla’s healing process. He gave her practical and pragmatic things to practice every day that translated into helping her in every aspect of her daily life.

Words are few and far between to express our gratitude and appreciation.

No Longer an Old Man

I am a 66 year old healthy, active man. Recently while working out I strained muscles in my back which caused a sciatic nerve inflammation. The pain was intolerable and I was unable to stand or walk normally. Often times I could not find a comfortable position. The pain disrupted my sleep and my whole quality of life was suffering.

The pain got progressively worse. My doctor prescribed rest, muscle relaxers and pain medications but nothing seemed to work. I was unable to go to work and it was difficult to get around my own home. I needed an MRI on my back, but the pain made it impossible to lie still for the procedure. After a few weeks I grew nervous that this would be permanent and that I would become dependent on a cane or walker.
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Desperate for relief I turned to what I considered “alternative” remedies. I tried acupuncture which helped a little but the pain returned. Many of my friends and family members suggested that I see a chiropractor, but I was skeptical. Finally, when all else failed, I took a co-workers advice and visited the office of Dr. Mark Friedman. From the first visit I knew I made the right decision. Dr. Friedman correctly diagnosed the cause of my pain and started on a program of care. I had some relief from the first treatment and things got steadily better from there.

I came to Dr. Friedman a hunched over, old man, scared and in pain. Today, I’m back to my active lifestyle, back to the gym and enjoying my family. My only regret is that I wish I had listened to my friends and seen Dr. Friedman sooner.

Gregory D.

After about 3 months, I am a new person

I injured my back 3 years ago in a very minor incident. I cannot believe the devastation it caused me and my family. The pain became chronic and so intense I was unable to work for most of the 3 years. During this time I went through all the traditional treatments and pain management options including injections and changing doctors when there seemed no other options available to me. I went from a very active hiker, kayaker all around can’t sit still adult to a sedentary frozen person, who couldn’t stand for more than a few minutes, bend, cook, clean or even leave the second floor some days. The pain was constant and I was losing more and more mobility with each new cycle of pain.
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As a last resort, my insurance approved a few chiropractic visit. I immediately felt reassured that this wasn’t going to be just a routine visit with Dr. Mark. He became immediately invested in my overall health, and made it clear that my life was going to become dramatically better, quickly. I didn’t believe him! But after the first month the radiating pain down the back of both legs subsided, my lower back pain became lessened and intermittent rather than constant, and I could now bend and move more than I could for 2 years. I had no idea how frozen my whole body had become. He broke up all the muscles that hadn’t had activity and helped me to gain strength.

After about 3 months, I am a new person, I have hope for my future as an active person. I am able to work part time, resume walking a fair distance, household activities and even started gardening again. The pain is a minor inconvenience rather than the ruler of my daily activities. I have hope that even this will subside completely. My greatest joy is being able to enjoy activities with my grandson that was so limiting prior to theses chiropractic visits. Dr. Mark stepped up and became very much interested in my wellbeing as an individual, not just another patient. I cannot thank you enough for giving me back my life, and a future. I wake up amazed every day at the differences in my life. Thank you.

Nancy Tracy.

Severe Lower Back Pain

I strongly recommend Dr. Mark Friedman, Chiropractic Neurologist, from RightSPINE and the Pain and Wellness Center.

I have had severe lower back pain –x-rays diagnosed arthritis–since Aug. 2012. After self-medicating myself on Alleve for months with very little improvement, and extreme pain, I finally “GAVE-IN” and saw my PCP. I was then referred to a pain specialist who recommended shots but he told me to see Dr. Friedman first. I had never seen a chiropractor in my life and was a little skeptical.
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After 3 or 4 sessions with Dr. Friedman, I canceled the upcoming shots because of the improvement I felt. I’ve been seeing Dr. Friedman for about two months now. I have had a few ups and downs but always improving! At this point I feel 90% better and the lower back pain is much better, in fact, almost gone. I never thought this was possible!!!!

Again, I recommend Dr. Friedman because he listens to the patient, shows concern, is knowledgeable to your “illness,” has great bed side manner, and is always available.

E. Kittredge

Dr. Friedman has performed a miracle

I brought my teenage daughter to see Dr. Mark Friedman at RightSPINE 9 months after she suffered a very serious concussion while playing soccer. She had basically been out of school for those 9 months, and was suffering from whiplash, memory loss, severe headaches, extreme fatigue, disorientation, balance and eye coordination issues, and a host of other things, all concussion-related. I was at a complete loss as to what to do to help her, as we had already tried many different therapies.

After being treated by Dr. Friedman for just 3 months, my daughter was able to return to school full time and take a full course-load. He was able to determine all kinds of things that were caused by the concussion that were preventing her from recovering, and treated each of those things with much success. Her balance is now perfect, she no longer has memory issues or extreme fatigue, and her headaches have diminished. She is able to keep up with all of her schoolwork, and hasn’t missed a day.
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Before we went to Dr. Friedman, my daughter could not go to a mall, a store, the movies, a restaurant, or anywhere with any kind of noise, or visual stimulation. He “trained” her with various exercises and strategies so that she can now go almost anywhere. His vast knowledge, very careful attention and caring manner provided us with constant reassurance and complete trust in him. Dr. Friedman has performed a miracle, and if not for him, my daughter would not be able to live a “normal” life. These words can’t possibly express all that Dr. Friedman has done, or my gratitude properly, as I am forever grateful to him for giving my daughter her life back.

Jami U.

Healing an auto accident injury

An auto accident on November 1, 2010 left me with a whiplash injury and chronic pain in my neck and shoulders. My life revolved exclusively around my pain level and the proximity and availability of my healthcare providers. Despite my adherence to prescribed stretches, my pain returned shortly after every treatment and I lived from appointment to appointment!

Although I was a very active 58-year-old, my chronic pain made me feel 90! That is, until I met Dr. Mark Friedman. I researched 7 chiropractors in the North Shore area and found that Dr. Friedman’s care was unique. As a neurology specialist, he looks for the root cause of a person’s chronic pain instead of just mechanically correcting for it.
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I learned that areas of my brain were impeding my recovery. Dr. Friedman has been treating this for about a month now and I am beginning to get my life back! My adjustments are lasting and I feel stronger. I am now able to perform normal household activities that would have been painful before his treatments and to start having fun in my life again. My only regret is that I didn’t seek treatment from Dr. Friedman earlier. I wouldn’t have had to endure the frustration, depression, and despair of living with chronic pain.

Helen M. Smith, Middleton, MA

Thank you!

Dear Dr. Friedman,

Last year my daughter Vanessa was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I can’t thank you enough for helping her find the treatment she needs.

Vanessa came to you last year for help with her pain after her primary care physician & associates were unable to conclude on a diagnosis. Based on the results of a 5 year old MRI, they had ruled our the possibility of MS. Thank you for listening to her, taking into account all her symptoms and ordering the necessary tests which showed the lesions consistent with MS. I hate to think how much worse her condition might have gotten if you had not identified the problem quickly and referred her to an MS specialist so that she could begin treatment when she did.
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It’s been difficult for me to discuss Vanessa’s illness, but that’s no excuse for not properly thanking you. You can use the above on your website if you think it is worthy.

Thanks again.

A Note of Thanks

Dear Dr. Friedman,

I had a recent follow-up appointment with my Primary Care Physician on Friday, February 3, 2012. He was absolutely thrilled with the progress I am making at your office.

As you know, I had 2 previous lumbar fusions and a cervical fusion just this past August with no improvement of my pain or posture. Prior to the last cervical fusion, I had many, many injections under anesthesia at Union Hospital with absolutely no improvement in my posture and very little improvement in my pain. I continued to be “hunched over” like someone in their 90’s.
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After 3 weeks of treatment with you, I am able to stand up and my neck doesn’t look so twisted! People don’t stop me on the street anymore and ask if I am “okay” or if I “need help”! I am getting straighter day by day and feeling a lot better. I am getting out of the house more and I am back to walking the beach every day, weather permitting. I truly wish I thought of trying you sooner. Maybe there wouldn’t have been so much wasted time.

Thank you, sincerely, for all you have done to help me. I look forward to continue to work with you. Maybe I will be back to running the beach this Spring!

Again, thank you for all of your help.

Kathleen Larrabee, Lynn, MA

I am able to walk without staggering or wobbling.

I was first treated by Dr. Friedman for a lower back injury just before Christmas 2009. The injury resulted from a significant fall on black ice 2 days before Christmas. Dr. Friedman came back to his office on Christmas Eve to give me a second treatment. While I was mighty uncomfortable I was able to participate with my family in our planned celebrations. Within a week I was able to go about my regular schedule. Over several weeks the problem resolved and I have no lasting effects from the injury. I then consulted him for a neck/balance problem that I had for a very long time. His treatment consisted of both in-office and a home exercise program (amongst other things). I am able to walk without staggering or wobbling. This is a great feeling because I had visions of having to use a cane or a walker in my future. Most recently he treated me for symptoms of fibromyalgia. Before embarking on treatment he ruled out any medical reason for the condition. Today, I am symptom free. I have been very pleased with Dr. Friedman’s professionalism, ability to relate on a personal level and his skill level for providing effective treatment along with that of his office staff. Most of all Dr. Friedman LISTENS!

Pat A.

I would recommend Dr. Friedman to anyone

I have been coming to see Dr. Friedman for many years now and highly recommend his practice. Dr. Friedman takes the time to detail the root of the problem and what steps he can take to help with the situation. Although he has a solid clinical background, his approach is very much people oriented and you get the sense not only is he highly capable, but he genuinely cares about his patients. Most importantly, what Dr. Friedman does works and he can be trusted to help with the problems that come up. I would recommend Dr. Friedman to anyone seeking chiropractic care and seeking advice on how to help with their pains.

Phil Hayes – Swampscott, MA

I refuse to visit another Chiropractor

I originally started to visit Dr. Friedman 11 years ago for a sports related jaw injury that was affecting my neck. I have since been visiting Dr. Friedman both for maintenance adjustments and various other reasons. Most recently during my pregnancy I had dislocated my ribs and was in excruciating pain, he was able to help give me much needed relief. After giving birth to my child, he helped me with a vertigo (dizziness) problem that I was having through a series of adjustments and modalities. Although I do not live as close to Dr. Friedman’s office as I did when I originally started to visit him, I refuse to visit another chiropractor as I have grown to trust Dr. Friedman’s experience. I recommend him to friends and family on a regular basis.

Sarah Byrne

A much different approach

Dr. Mark Friedman takes a much different approach to treating his patients than most other chiropractors I’ve seen. His philosophy and practice is much more comprehensive and thorough. He is truly committed to his patients well being and not just concerned with short term “quick fix” adjustments. He spends time educating his patients as well as offering guidance and explanations. I’ve seen an incredible improvement in my posture, flexibility and overall well being.

– C.

I wish that I came to you years ago!

Dear Dr. Friedman,

I am writing to thank you for helping me to recover from the chronic back pain that has been a problem since 1995. As you know, I have tried many different modalities including; acupuncture, multiple medications and yoga. Nothing seemed to help me for more than a few days. I was extremely skeptical and anxious to try chiropractic therapies but desperate for relief. Now, I wish that I came to you all those years ago! Within 5 weeks of adjustments I finally felt better. From my very first visit you patiently explained each adjustment and rationale. You also gave me the support I needed to continue with the treatments long enough to see the improvements.
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I am happy to report that I am no longer living in pain. No longer wondering what activities I am going to have to sit out because of my back pain and its limitations it forced upon me. I am active and now very comfortable in all my daily activities!

Thank You, Sincerely,
Carrie Roderick

I found Dr. Friedman after much of my own research

I was diagnosed a few years ago with Spasmodic Torticollis also known as Cervical Dystonia. I have seen many doctors and had procedures such as botox injections, trigger point injections and prescription pain medication as well as anti-spasmodic medication. This problem was consuming my life, but I was not going to give up hope to find help.

I happened upon Dr. Friedman’s website, so I called and left a message at his office. Dr. Friedman almost immediately called me back. He sounded pleasant and personable, and his voice sounded caring and compassionate. I’ll never forget what he said to me, “Karen, I can’t promise you anything, but let’s set up an appointment and take a look”. At my first visit, we discussed the problem, what my symptoms were and then he examined me. After the examination he explained that he saw something that he thought he could work with.
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He gave me an adjustment and instantly I had relief for the first time in years. Tears streamed down my face, I could not believe that the pain was gone. That day did not cure me, but after a month of treatment I was 70% better and every day feel stronger and more confident. It’s amazing, 2 months ago I couldn’t reach out with my right arm without excruciating pain and now I can do it without hesitation!

Dr. Friedman’s unique treatment has given me my life back. To me he is a God send.

Thank you Dr. Friedman for your wonderful gift for helping others who suffer in chronic pain. Second for your personal attention, and outstanding bedside manner.

Eternally Grateful,
Karen Kirby Soulard

Help for my headaches

When I first started to see Dr. Friedman, I hoped he could help me with my headaches. Little did I know, there were many other issues he could resolve. I was struggling more and more with mental fogginess, right hand coordination, difficulty holding conversations and writing was becoming nearly impossible. Dr Friedman explained these symptoms were all connected with the left, analytical side of my brain. We focused first on resolving these issues, before attacking my almost constant migraines. Thanks to Dr Friedman I can now hold conversations with ease and write as I used to. I am thrilled to once again crochet and knit with pleasure and ease. I have been nearly migraine free for months. I feel as though I’m getting my life back.


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