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RightSPINE Chiropractic Neurology Reviews

What Our Swampscott Patients Say

At RightSPINE Chiropractic Neurology we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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  • Dr was excellent, explained everything clearly and with patience. Treatment was very professional and made me feel like I was talking to a friend. You can tell he is an expert in his practice. I’m fully confident he will help me.
    - Johann A.
  • Highly recommend Dr Mark. Impeccable manners and, great skills!
    - Martine P.
  • Very nice group of people. Thank you for taking me at a short notice.
    - Carla B.
  • I had heard very good things about this practice…..and my first experience lived up to the hype….
    - Richard E.
  • Great environment, very professional, but relaxed.
    - Tracy C.
  • Thank you. Great Covid protocols, great office staff and I appreciate the explanations & feel heard. Like the thinking behind this different to treat this 20+ year injury.
    - Nadia P.
  • I’ve seen many chiropractors over my 30+ years of treatment and they’re simply head and shoulders above the rest.
    - Christian T.
  • 2 weeks of pain and 2 visits and I’m in the pink , or is it violet or green? I could go on but I think you get the point. thanks oodles and oodles
    - Sandra W.
  • Lookin forward to working with Dr. Friedman and his staff for continued health and wellness . I found out more in 1 hour than I had with years at other practices .
    - Katherine M.
  • Thanks for such caring and conscientious attention and help.
    - Ammelie G.
  •  So, helpful! I am delighted to be able to get about and moving with greater ease and less pain.
    - Kathleen H.
  • Very friendly practice.
    - Nanci P.

    Very impressed with Dr. Friedman’s extensive knowledge, his ability to paint a picture of what’s going on that’s understandable to all, and it felt great going home with a better diagnosis and feeling a bit better already after the first visit!

    - Jeffrey S.
  • The first visit was beneficial
    - Alexandra F.
  • Great team. Dr. Friedman is the best. Front desk very professional.
    - Leonard P.
  • Thanks for the great work! I am looking forward to the second office visit. 
    - Michael T.
  • Really appreciate the Doctors thorough exam and explainations
    - Richard F.
  • This first visit was the “perfect” experience. I look forward to following my treatment plan with this team of superior healthcare professionals.
    - Bruce M.
  • Dr.Friedman fixed my back in the past. He is the best in our area.
    - Alexander K.
  • During my first visit Dr. Friedman was attentive, knowledgeable, and thorough in explaining my concerns. I felt at ease and hopeful and look forward to my future work with him.
    - Angela B.
  • Just a very comforting experience. I felt much more confident that RightSpine and Dr. Mark Friedman would be able to help me with my Spinal Lumbar problems.
    - James M.
  • I find I have absolute confidence in Dr. Friedman ability to make me as well as I can be given my situation. I trust his judgement and take his suggestions wholeheartedly. I believe he is 100% invested in my recovery.
    - Kimberly J.


The doctor and staff were spectacular. I arrived in acute pain and the team did everything possible to improve my condition. Dr Friedman is knowledgeable, professional and it is obvious cares deeply about his patients. This leadership creates a culture where his team carry over these principles of care and compassion. Thanks

- Dino D.

An Amazing Experience

This was an amazing experience for me having been to other chiropractors that just want to crack everything and that’s it I truly feel like I now know what is going on and how we go about fixing as much as can be fixed.. thank you so much

– Jessica K.

I Put my Trust in His Hands

I have been dealing with lower back issues for many years and just not getting any better. I have had surgery which helped short term. I've done Physical Therapy and worked very hard at it and shown no improvement. I've had many Cortisone shots for pain relief where the relief was short-term. As a last resort, I asked my Physical Therapist and Nurse practitioner what their thoughts were about a Chiropractor and both of them in separate conversations recommended me to Dr. Friedman. From the moment we first met he has been the first person to tell me exactly what was causing my condition and told me he thought he could help me but not cure me. He was honest in his assessment of my condition and I put my trust in his hands we have been making progress. That's all I could ask for and I'm very happy that I have taken this course of action.

- Richard P.

So Impressed

We were so impressed with the level of detail in your description of Mylopathy, along with the diagrams. Equally impressed with the time spent with us, as well as your honest, direct wisdom in this area. Hearing about your laser service to help with pain post-surgery was a bonus. We felt like we definitely came to the right place.

– Susan M.

5 Stars

The feedback I've gotten from Dr Friedman was extraordinary and helpful compared to my recent chiropractors in the past. Everything he tells you is down to the point and I totally appreciate it!!! He deserves 5 stars!!!

- Michael P.

Feeling Hopeful

I’m still getting used to being in a chiropractor’s office as I’ve not grown up with this type of practice. The doctor put me at ease by listening to my tale and also by accommodating what I could and couldn’t do. He is very knowledgeable, and I found the manual manipulation to discover strengths and weaknesses in my lumbar spine very interesting. I also appreciated the medical interventions and modalities as treatments. Hopeful is the feeling I have…fingers crossed.

– Dr Ann M.

Very Satisfied!

I was very impressed with Mark and the staff. He listened to the description of my condition, took notes and proceeded according. His understanding of the body and his ability to convey that information to me was very important to understand my situation. Overall, very satisfied!

- Bradford S.

My Progress Is Amazing

My first experience was posits when Dr Friedman spoke to me on the phone and we discussed my problems. Experience got even better during my first visit as Dr Friedman explained everything patiently and in terms I could easily understand. So far, my progress is amazing, pain level went from 10 to 0 and I recommended this office to my friend. Thank you Doctor, Amanda and Ashley.

– Paula Grace P.

Listened to My Concerns

Dr Friedman has been the only person who has listened to what my concerns were about my injuries as a result of that he was able to get the exact testing I needed which two other Drs. failed to do. As a result of that we were able to see a serious problem which is now being dealt with. He saved my life, and also the treatment I am receiving from Dr Friedman and his staff is excellent. I cannot thank Dr. Friedman enough.

- Kathleen M.

Very Impressed

I’m impressed with the practice so far ( 1 visit ). Doctor Friedman is professional, knowledgeable, really listened to me and explained everything. He’s confident, but not arrogant, and realistic about my condition and how he can help . He ordered x-rays to make sure that he can see exactly what’s going on internally before he treats me, First visit was hopeful. I’m looking forward to working with him.

– Wanda R.

Reassuring and Professional

I was impressed by Dr. Friedman's professional approach. It exudes and encourages cooperation, communication, and respect. This being my initial visit, after seeing many chiropractors over many years of injuries, I was expecting the typical experience. But I was encouraged to receive an above average intake evaluation. He provided information on the specifics of Medicare coverage that no previous chiropractor had voiced. His certification allowed for a much needed component, the neurological exam. The muscle testing by machine in our next visit will provide extremely accurate information for measuring increments of progress. It will be reassuring to really know precisely what's going on.

- Linda B.

Gave Me Hope

Of the many Doctors that I have seen over the past 8 years, only a few, the functional medicine doctor and Dr. Friedman, have said they can help me and have given me hope (also Dr. David Marini).

– Neil T.

Took the Time

Dr. Friedman really took the time to ask all the necessary questions to fully understand my injury and he was genuinely listening to everything I said. I never felt rushed or intimidated like I normally feel with most doctors. The rest of the staff was so friendly and attentive, and I felt so comfortable in the office.

- Caroline C.

Truly Exceptional

I find in a lot of practices customer service ends with the doctor… the front desk staff, MA’s, etc are all lovely and then you meet the doctor and bam! Good experience ends- They are rushed, uninterested, and pushy. Not the case here. The office staff is amazing! Truly exceptional and that experience continues when Dr. Friedman takes over- professional, engaging, and helpful!

– Sara S.

Fitting Me In On Short Notice

Thank you again for fitting me in on such short notice!! I can't believe how much relief I feel compared to me walking in. I'm truly grateful! I'm looking forward to working with you.

- Jordan J.

I Had Hope

I can honestly say that after my first visit and initial assessment, I had hope. Years of issues seemed to come full circle and make sense. Mark’s plan of attack made sense, and his attitude showed his partnership in this recovery and move forward process. The health care industry only offered me despair.

– William H.

Truely Impressed

I was truly impressed with Dr. Friedman and his skills. Even as a new patient, I was seen the day I called for help, the treatment started working almost immediately. Everybody in the office is great, very kind, helpful and professional. Thank you!

- Eleonora K.

Wonderful Overall Experience

Very understanding about the discomfort that I was experiencing. Fit me in, sacrificing their lunch break. Outstanding customer service and a wonderful overall experience.

– Steven J.

Feel such relief

So pleased after my first visit. I got a thorough explanation and an idea of the direction my treatment will take. Plus, my first adjustment relieved so much of the pressure on my lower/mid back. It was a bit sore after but entirely worth it to feel such relief.

- Rachael C.

Highly recommend

The level of care, knowledge, and expertise is 2nd to none. I would highly recommend their practice to anyone in need of care.

– Gregory M.

Doctor Mark is exceptional

Having personally experienced his expertise. My daughter Alex 14 has experienced migraine continually since January 6 2016 we have tried numerous fixes - Botox, 18 medications, massage therapy the list goes on - nothing worked. Alex has had 2 visits and has had some relief. Boy as a mother I wish I took her to Mark first. Blessed we have you now Doctor Mark.

- Alexandria L.

Friendly Staff

I’m so happy with the therapy I am receiving at RightSpine. The doctor is very knowledgeable and always listen to all my concerns. Everyone from the techs to the front office staff always makes you feel at ease and welcomed. Lauretta is very friendly and always smiling makes you feel comfortable!

– Raquel R.

Very Helpful!

Very professional and helpful. Office staff friendly and informative.

- Tracey C.

Friendly And Helpful!

The office staff was friendly and helpful!

– Brenna H.

Feel Happy

I loved the way they treated me, the doctor and all the staff. Confident in the way the doctor explained my treatment. Feel happy, A plus. Thank God I found this place.

- Colon-Mercado M.

Caring Staff

Dr. Friedman and his staff are very helpful, caring and friendly. I look forward to all my visits.

– Melanie M.

Very Professional

Everyone is warm, friendly and very professional.

- Domniki M.

Phenomenal Team!

The entire RightSPINE team is phenomenal! Very welcoming, dedicated, friendly and professional!

– Wanntha S.



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