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Reviews Continued


Super Friendly And Welcoming

I found Right Spine by Google-ing chiropractors around the Swampscott area, and I’m glad that I found Right Spine. I called numerous places on a Friday afternoon and they were either closed, didn’t accept certain insurances or you had to wait a couple of weeks before getting a consultation to start treatment, but with Right Spine, I called them, the woman on the phone was very informative, knew what she was talking about and was even seen that day for a consultation. When I met everyone at the office, they were super friendly and welcoming. Dr. Friedman was also amazing! He knows what to do and he’ll explain it right down to the science. He knows that your time is valuable so he gets you in and out so you can be on your way to another appointment or in my case school. I love this place!

– Lily D.

So Lucky I Found This Place

I came to Dr. Friedman’s practice in a lot of pain, and I was treated quickly, compassionately and thoroughly. In fact, I was given two appointments the day I called, because Dr. Friedman really is that dedicated to his patients.

While lessening the acute pain I was feeling was important, Dr. Friedman was also concerned with preventing this kind of crisis from happening again. Immediately he made a plan for both relieving my acute symptoms, but also for preventing a future strain. He is a great educator, and communicator. He’s thorough, experienced, and smart.

His office is comfortable and clean. The staff that works there are all dedicated to the patient experience, they really roll out the red carpet for their patients, and their sincerity is palpable. I feel so lucky that I found this place, it has gotten me back to work and back to the activities that I love, and I feel confident that this is the missing piece of taking care of my overall health.

– Leanne W.


They really made me feel like they care about me, and I appreciate it so much. I would recommend if you need a chiropractor come here they make you feel like family.

– Adam L.

Can’t Say Enough Wonderful Things

My husband has been seeing Dr. Friedman for the past three years. I am a new patient. We can not say enough wonderful things about Dr. Friedman and the care that we receive. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing chiropractic care.

– Lisa D.

Thorough And Professional

Very thorough and professional at all times. Extremely helpful in explaining my problem in terms I could understand.

– Mark G.


I am really encouraged by the commitment of the staff at Rightspine in helping me to regain my mobility, after a couple of weeks I am beginning to see improvement in my gait.

– Doreen L.

Thank You

Thank you for evaluating and treating my son so quickly. We were very relieved that he could be treated, and feel better so fast.

– Rocket P.

Helpful Friendly Professional

The staff was excellent very helpful and made me feel very comfortable, especially Janice very friendly and professional!

– Mabel H.


Dr. Friedman is a pleasure to work with. After only a few minutes, I feel a considerable improvement in my back.

– Lisa G.

Excellent Experience

This has been an excellent experience. Things were explained to me in great detail and I am optimistic that I will show improvement.

– Stephen M.

Above And Beyond

Dr. Friedman is highly trained and educated in his field. I have never been disappointed in my results from his care. He consistently goes above and beyond to ensure his patients pain and overall wellness is managed and improved and I will continue to recommended his practice!

– Joanna N.

Great Experience

Great experience and I healed very quickly. Very accommodating practice. Will definitely refer others.

– Rose E.

Very Professional

Very professional operation. Exudes confidence. Dr. Mark explains issues well, easy to follow and understand. His treatments have been appreciated and have helped my “beat-up” body on a course of recovery.

– Thomas A.

Utmost Confidence

Dr. Friedman and the entire crew are awesome. Based on a previous experience with them, I have the utmost confidence in their ability to provide excellent treatment and the tools to develop and strengthen my area of concern so that I may continue an active lifestyle which involves year round triathlon and marathon training.

– Michael M.


Thanks to Dr. Friedman I can now hold conversations with ease and write as I used to. I am thrilled to once again crochet and knit with pleasure and ease. I have been nearly migraine free for months. I feel as though I’m getting my life back.

– Victoria

Excellent Practice

Excellent practice, very respectful of patients time, clear directions, friendly staff. Dr. Friedman knows his craft and this has been the only thing that has helped my issues.

– Helene F.

Highly Recommend

I highly recommend Right Spine to everyone.

– Tom L.

Goes Above And Beyond

I was a patient of Dr. Friedman’s for many years prior and when I had my car accident, I didn’t even consider going anywhere else. His staff is excellent, and Dr. Friedman always goes above and beyond for his patients. Their health and well-being is always his utmost concern. I have recommended him to many people and will continue to do so.

– Deborah H.

Excellent Experience

The overall experience was excellent! It is refreshing to find an outstanding doctor that is not only the most knowledgeable in the area but is humble enough to value his patients and aims at providing high quality customer service. I felt welcome and particularly appreciate that the service is not only great but consistent and comprehensive, not a few isolated pleasant events. First, the receptionist welcomes you with a smile, and invites you to a bottle of Poland Spring. There are Ipads (yes!,tablet computers) available for the patients to surf the web as they wait. The doctor is extremely pleasant and uses the latest technology and to finalize, I was given a beautiful goody bad with awesome gifts as a thank you for choosing them. This was by far one of the most amazing experiences in any doctor office I ever had. I will most definitely refer them.

– Digma S.




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